Flawless skin carrot whitening cream


Flawless skin cream restores a clear, even toned, luminous complexion as its potent lightening properties fade brown patches often triggered from pregnancy and medicines, acne scars, sun damage and age spots. Its rich carrot seed properties soften dry, rough skin on dark stubborn areas such as elbows, knees, knuckles and feet. Flawless skin  safely and effectively penetrates and absorbs quickly, lightening skin imperfections and preventing new spots from forming.

carrot extract whitening body lotion ( 500ml /16.907 oz )

Lotion corporelle  blanchissante aux extraits de carotte  dermatologically tested all types of  skin


SPANISH : Piel impecable une peau extracto de zanahoria impecable que blanquea la loción corporal (500ml /16.907 oz) Loción Corporelle blanchissante aux extraits de carotte dermatológicamente probada para todo tipo de pieles.

FRENCH : Lotion corporelle éclaircissante pour le corps aux extraits de carottes et à la peau impeccable (500 ml / 16.907 oz) Lotion corporelle blanchissante aux extraits de carotte testé dermatologiquement tous types de peaux


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