Rose Water The Beauty Secret


  •  120ml / 4fl oz
  • Organic Facial Toner pure rose water for face toners

100 %  Pure Organic Moroccan

Obtained by direct distillation , can penetrate directly into  the skin cells , quickly replenish the cell moisture , increase the moisture content of cells , and fundamentally solve the problem of dry skin . in addition rose water has a comprehensive effects of balance , can enhance the skin luster balance oil secretion , quickly replenish moisture and enhance skin vitality

Directions :

  1. After cleansing your face use rose water as a toner on face everyday
  2. Dispense this soothing toner onto a cotton ball or makeup pa , then gently apply to your face and neck , allowing time to fully absorb into your skin .
  3. Rose water contains natural healing and anti-inflammatory properties to balance , refresh and hydrate your skin.


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